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  • serial-parallel adder — nuoseklusis lygiagretusis sudėtuvas statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. serial parallel adder vok. Serien Parallel Addierer, m rus. последовательно параллельный сумматор, m pranc. additionneur série paralel, m …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • parallel — par‧al‧lel [ˈpærəlel] adjective [only before a noun] 1. ECONOMICS COMMERCE parallel goods, imports etc are sold avoiding the distribution channel S (= ways of making goods available to the public) approved by the makers: • Luxury brands …   Financial and business terms

  • Parallel ATA — ATA connector on the right, with two motherboard ATA sockets on the left. Type …   Wikipedia

  • Serial Attached SCSI — (SAS) is a data transfer technology designed to move data to and from computer storage devices such as hard drives and tape drives. It is a point to point serial protocol that replaces the parallel SCSI bus technology that first appeared in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Serial digital interface — (SDI) refers to a family of video interfaces standardized by SMPTE. [cite book | title = Digital Video and HDTV | author = Charles A. Poynton | publisher = Morgan Kaufmann | year = 2003 | isbn = 1558607927 | url = …   Wikipedia

  • serial — se‧ri‧al [ˈsɪəriəl ǁ ˈsɪr ] adjective [only before a noun] 1. FINANCE serial bonds etc are a set of investments which mature (= become due for payment) at regular intervals over a period of time: • All of the issue s serial bonds have split… …   Financial and business terms

  • Serial ATA — (SATA, auch S ATA/Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) ist eine hauptsächlich für den Datenaustausch zwischen Prozessor und Festplatte entwickelte Verbindungstechnik. Serial ATA Logo …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • serial port — ➔ port1 * * * serial port UK US noun [C] IT ► a part of a computer where wires from other pieces of equipment can be connected, sending through information one bit at a time → Compare PARALLEL PORT(Cf. ↑parallel port) …   Financial and business terms

  • parallel port — ➔ port1 * * * parallel port UK US noun [C] IT ► a place on a computer where you can connect printers, cameras, and other types of equipment that store data → Compare SERIAL PORT(Cf. ↑serial port) …   Financial and business terms

  • serial — [sir′ē əl] adj. [ModL serialis < L series, a row, order, SERIES] 1. of, arranged in, or forming a series [serial numbers] 2. appearing, published, issued, etc. in a series or succession of continuous parts at regular intervals 3. of a serial… …   English World dictionary

  • parallel — [par′ə lel΄, par′ələl] adj. [Fr parallèle < L parallelus < Gr parallēlos < para , side by side (see PARA 1) + allēlos, one another < allos, other: see ELSE] 1. extending in the same direction and at the same distance apart at every… …   English World dictionary

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